Henri’s First Race Back

This past weekend I got a chance that I haven’t had since college. I got to be the cheerleader while my husband ran a race!

Henri ran cross country and track throughout high school for a very high volume training program. While he really excelled under this type of training (he has a 15:01 5K PR!) he also got injured often and by the time we met on our college XC team he was struggling with knee pain that would eventually cause him to pull out of racing after his junior year.

Since then he’s put running on the back burner, playing on various soccer teams and doing strength training to stay fit. He’s never been able to shake the knee pain and whenever he did start to run consistently the pain in his knee would just come back. This past summer we bit the bullet and bought him a pair of Hoka One One’s and ever since then he’s been running up a storm and is still pain-free!

A few months ago I made up a 5K training plan for him to train for a local 5K and this past Saturday was race day!

Luckily for him the race started at 10am (he is NOT a morning person!) so we were able to wake up at 7, eat breakfast and head out the door to Marblehead for the Back the Track 5K put on by none other than SHALANE FLANAGAN! 😀

Once we arrived he checked and started his warm-up while my sister and I watched the kid’s 1 mile run and fan girled over Shalane.

We met him at the starting line of the 5K for one last hug, kiss, and “good luck!” before he was off!

photo 2 (87)The course was one, giant horseshoe so after all the runners passed us my sister and I booked it back to the start and found the perfect cheering spot about 100m from the finish line.

I had forgotten to start my watch and there were a bunch of other spectators blocking the finishing clock so we had NO idea what his time was as we saw him coming down the last straight away. Right as he passed us I heard the announcer calling out the names and times of the guys crossing the finish line (in the 18:30s) and I knew that Henri had a chance to come in under 19 minutes. His goal was 20 so I was soooooo excited that he was blowing his goal time out of the water!

photo 4 (64)

We cheered at the top of our lungs as he ran by and then I sprinted off to meet him in the chute!

Official time 18:59!!! A post-collegiate PR and a renewed drive to get even FASTER!!! .

Congrats babe! I can’t wait to be your cheerleader at many more races this spring!